Domestic Spray Painting and Airless Plastering in Harrogate

At Ergo Construction, we are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions. As such, we are proud to offer a variety of modern services to our customers in Harrogate and the surrounding areas. This includes airless plastering and spray painting which help minimise disruption to your home without compromising on the high-quality finish our customers expect.

Airless Plastering

Airless plastering is a clean and fast way to apply a skim finish to internal walls and ceilings. It is quickly growing in popularity throughout the UK due to the number of advantages it offers, including:

Faster Application – We apply spray plaster directly to pre-prepared plasterboard using a specialist system. Our skilled team cover large areas in a short amount of time making this method, on average, four times faster than traditional applications.

Minimal Mess – Airless plastering does not require any mixing on-site, resulting in less mess and a quicker clean-up. Because it comes ready-mixed, this also aids faster application.

Less Waste – Thanks to the accuracy of airless spray plastering, this method results in minimal product waste. This is typically less than 5% but waste can be as low as 1%.

Superior Finish – As a naturally flexible product, spray plaster is highly resistant to cracking, chipping and flaking. It also dries bright white, allowing for one less coat of paint. These features ensure a high-quality, durable finish for homes in Harrogate and the nearby areas. For more information about how your project can benefit from our airless plastering services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

spray painting in harrogate

Spray Painting

Spray painting is a perfect method to use alongside airless plastering. Using both techniques on your project, our experienced team minimise disruption to your home by completing work at a faster rate. In addition, our customers benefit from the superior results we achieve when compared to traditional methods.

Airless spray painting is a versatile technique which is suitable for a wide range of interior surfaces. Some of the key advantages of spray painting are:

At Ergo Construction, we strive to deliver the highest standards on every project. We always carry out thorough assessments and recommend the most suitable services for each customer.

For high-quality airless plastering and spray painting in Harrogate and the surrounding areas, contact us today on 07938 621063.