Bathroom Installation in Harrogate | 4 Ways to Enhance a Small Bathroom

Many homeowners in Harrogate have small bathrooms, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With the right design and products, you can achieve a comfortable and effective space that meets your needs. At Ergo Construction, we carry out bathroom installations of every size. We advise on the best solutions for your requirements and tastes. Because we are also painters and decorators, we make sure every aspect of your bathroom enhances the space. Whether undertaking house renovations or installing a new suite in loft conversions or house extensions, we help you make the most of your home.

There are numerous ways to make a small bathroom functional and suitable for your daily requirements. If you would like to discuss your bathroom installation needs with the experts, please call us at a time convenient for you.

Fitted Furniture

Fitted furniture is a popular feature of many modern bathrooms in Harrogate, and for good reason. Custom-built units are the ideal way to maximise available space. They take up much less room than ready-made furniture while providing plenty of storage to keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free.

When planning bathroom installations in Harrogate, we carefully design each aspect around your individual needs and style. Fitted furniture creates a streamlined finish in colours and materials that fit seamlessly into your overall theme.

Fitted furniture is especially common in loft conversion bathrooms due to the sloping ceilings.

Space-Saving Alternatives

Most components of a bathroom installation are now available in space-saving alternatives. This ensures you have all the comforts and luxuries you deserve, without compromising on space.

Some popular products for bathroom installations in Harrogate include:

• Wall-Hung Basins
• Wall-Hung Toilets
• Slim-Line Basins
• Corner Basins
• Shower Baths
• Short Projection Toilets


The right lighting makes your bathroom appear bigger as well as ensuring you have enough light where you need it. Part of our bathroom installation services involve planning effective lighting schemes using both natural and artificial light.

This can also include incorporating large mirrors into the room to reflect light. If you have a bathroom in Harrogate without a window, proper lighting is vital to ensure the space is functional and comfortable.


Any good painter and decorator will tell you that colour schemes are essential for getting the most from your home. Darker colours tend to make a space seem smaller and more enclosed, while light, neutral colours make the room airy and bright.

However, with careful planning and professional execution, any colour scheme can work in a small bathroom.

For more advice about bathroom installations for a small space in Harrogate, call Ergo Construction today on 07938 621063.