Bathroom Installation in Harrogate | Things to Consider Before Updating Your Bathroom

Do you need a new bathroom but don’t know where to start? With so many styles available, it can be tough to know the best solution for your home. Unless you’re a professional with a talent for bathroom installation, you probably won’t understand what goes into the design process – let alone the standard dimensions, modern trends and material benefits. If you need a new bathroom in the Harrogate area, Ergo Construction can provide a fully managed service.

We bring years of experience to each bathroom project. Whether you choose a sleek style with vintage finishes or something cosy and warm, our fitters supply the high-quality products you need. We also offer a fit-only service if you wish to purchase the items yourself.

But what should you think about when it comes to bathroom installation in the Harrogate area? See below for some tips.

Consider Your Colours – The right colour scheme can make the smallest space seem larger and more breathable. Bright whites will help to reveal any dirt that collects, but you can also complement this look with earthy greens and navy blues for a creative style. Matching mirrors, toilet roll holders and towels may help to finish the look.

Think About Storage – Although larger bathrooms in and around Harrogate lend themselves to more storage, it’s important to think about medical cabinets, towel racks and shelving options. After all, a new bathroom installation should make your space as convenient as possible. To make the most of your bathroom, it may be worth looking at corner sinks, built-in shelves (great for showers) and under-sink furniture.

Accessibility – For those who struggle to use the facilities on a daily basis, bathroom installation must cater to their personal needs. Although usually rest at 32 inches from ground level, there are various options available to make life easier. Ergo Construction can install handrails, handheld showers and more in the Harrogate area – creating ideal spaces for a diverse range of clients.

Compare Materials – All bathroom installations must ensure the tiles, flooring and units can withstand the effects of moisture. Showers should also survive years of daily use, with only regular cleaning and the occasional re-sealing as needed. Marble, for example, will need sealing every six months or so to keep it in good condition. Popular bathroom materials in the Harrogate area include porcelain, ceramic and tempered glass.

Research Your Bathroom Fitters – Your bathroom is one of the key areas of the home. For this reason, it deserves a team with a passion for bathroom installation and the know-how to match. Your company should be happy to help with creative ideas, give a good idea of scheduling and work to your needs as much as possible.

If you have an outdated bathroom, speak with Ergo Construction. We can transform your environment into a fully bespoke, tranquil space. The areas we cover include Harrogate and North Yorkshire.

For bathroom installation and creative advice in the Harrogate area, please call Ergo Construction on 07938 621063.