House Extensions in Harrogate | Is an Extension or Loft Conversion the Best Option for You?

At Ergo Construction, we provide ideal solutions for homeowners in Harrogate who need more space. We construct all types of house extensions and loft conversions, with a style to suit every need and budget. However, we know it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to help you make an informed choice.

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How much more space do you need?

This is one of the key questions you need to ask yourself when choosing between house extensions and loft conversions in Harrogate. What are you planning on using the space for? If you need an extra bathroom or a home office, a loft conversion will provide plenty of room. Depending on the size of your loft, it may even be big enough for a bedroom.

If you’re hoping to create a large family bathroom, socialising area or another living space, house extensions are the best way to go.

With many years of experience, we are more than happy to talk you through the different styles available and can recommend the most suitable option for your needs.

How much attic/garden space do you have?

While we can construct extensions and conversions for most homes in Harrogate, some properties aren’t suitable for one or the other. If you have a small and confined attic, there might not be enough headroom or useable space for an effective conversion.

Likewise, to construct house extensions, properties need to have plenty of available outdoor space. If there isn’t much room to the side or rear of your home, or if you don’t want to lose the garden space you have, consider a loft conversion.

How much time do you have?

Sometimes, we work with customers in Harrogate who have a tight schedule for construction. If this is the case, a loft conversion will often be the best option for you.

Conversions are generally much simpler projects then house extensions and, as such, we can often complete them within a shorter timeframe. If your attic space is suitable, Ergo Construction can even provide rooflight conversions, which are incredibly efficient because they don’t require any alterations to the roof structure.

Do you want the new space to be separate from the rest of the house?

This is an aspect that homeowners in Harrogate often overlook. While loft conversions are ideal for a variety of uses, they are separate from the rest of the house.

If you want a space that is incorporated into the daily living of your home, house extensions are the better option. Leading off the main floors of your property, extensions fit in seamlessly with the existing property and ensure every area of your home is accessible.

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