House Extensions in Harrogate | The Top 5 Reasons to Extend Your Home

n the last few years, the number of people choosing to extend their homes rather than move away has risen greatly. This makes sense, especially given the many benefits and few downsides of extending. Ergo Construction understands these benefits better than most. As such, we provide house extensions to homeowners across Harrogate who could stand to enjoy some extra floor space. We can also renovate the property, bringing new life to dated rooms.

Unlike some teams who work on house extensions in the local region, we can manage the process from start to finish – advising on the feasibility of your ideas. Should you have a design in mind, we will be delighted to hear it.

Why would you want to extend? See below for the top five reasons.

A Cluttered Space – At times, updating old part of your Harrogate home will only go so far. This is because people need a good amount of space to store their items, clothes and other possessions. Without the right amount of space, you can expect to feel cramped until you finally decide to resolve the issue. At Ergo Construction, we can advise on the best ways to store your items – be it a new bedroom with fitted wardrobes or a porch complete with a storage unit.

A Change in Lifestyle – Do you have a new job that lets you work from home? Perhaps you’ve got a new family member on the way or have moved to the next stage of your relationship. In either case, house extensions allow our Harrogate clients to resolve space issues before they escalate. We can craft a stunning new bedroom for a small child, transform an attic into an office or build a dazzling wraparound for the ideal play area.

You’ve Taken up a Hobby – Whether you’re trying to lose weight and could use a personal gym or need a large space for artwork, yoga or gaming, please get in touch today. As an experienced team, we can discuss the various house extensions available and advise on layout and design. By speaking to us over the competition, you can tailor your extension to suit your needs – not the other way around.

It’s a Great Investment – The property market in and around Harrogate is always competitive. To get the most value when you sell up, consider how attractive an extension may be to new buyers. Extensions maximise the amount of useable space, with anything from a modern side-return, sleek lean-to or rustic wraparound. This will allow you to raise the asking price accordingly.

It’s a Lifelong Desire – Above all, house extensions allow homeowners in the Harrogate area to finally get the most from their homes. A property is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so make sure you can enjoy it by speaking with Ergo Construction. We will work to build your dream space at a cost-effective rate and through a hassle-free service.

For house extensions in Harrogate and the nearby towns, please call our experienced tradesmen on 07938 621063. We manage both single- and multi-storey projects.