House Renovations in Harrogate | Why Renovations are the Perfect Opportunity to Extend

Are you renovating your home in Harrogate? Do you want to really get the most from your property? At Ergo Construction, we offer an extensive range of services to ensure every customer enjoys the full potential their home has to offer. We carry out all aspects of house renovations and find this to be the ideal time to extend your home.

Discover the range of benefits you can enjoy by creating extra space to complement the new efficiency, functionality and comfort of your property.

Get the most from the layout

As part of house renovations, many homeowners in Harrogate choose to alter the layout of their ground floor. By removing and building internal walls, we make spaces more streamlined. This is also a popular way to open-up living space, creating a more bright and airy home.

We regularly create open-plan kitchen diners during renovations. These are a sought-after feature of modern homes and allow you to enjoy the benefits of modern living. House extensions ensure your new layout perfectly meets your needs.

By extending to the side or rear of your property during house renovations, we create plenty of space for your dream kitchen without you having to compromise on other spaces. Depending on the size and style of your extension, we can incorporate a socialising and dining area and even a utility room.

Cohesive colour scheme

Many homeowners in Harrogate choose to renovate their homes and go on to extend in the future. However, extending at the same time as house renovations ensures the colour scheme and theme of your property is cohesive throughout the original building and the extension.

If you extend at a future point, you may not be able to find the same shades, finishes or products that you used in your renovation. This means you will either have to redo your entire decorating scheme, which can end up being very expensive, or you will have to compromise on mismatched colours and fittings.

As skilled painters and decorators, we make sure every aspect of your home in Harrogate meets your taste and vision.

Minimise Disruption

Separate renovation and extension projects means two separate periods of building work. Due to the nature of these services, disruption to your home can be quite significant. While we always try to keep this to a minimum, it is an unavoidable part of home improvements.

While undertaking an extension at the same time as house renovations may result in work taking longer, this is much less disruptive than extending in the future. Getting all the work done in one go enables you to get back to your normal life, without having to worry about more disruption, mess and noise in the future.

In this way, customers in Harrogate also don’t have to worry about any damage being caused to new flooring, paintwork or other features of renovations.

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