Loft Conversions in Harrogate | Popular Uses of Conversions

At Ergo Construction, we build loft conversions to meet all kinds of requirements. Do you need an extra living or working space? Maybe you would benefit from an extra bedroom or bathroom? Whatever your needs, we meet them. If you’re considering a conversion in Harrogate, read our guide to some of the most popular uses of loft conversions to get an idea of what you can achieve with your project.

With professional planning and construction, your loft can provide any space you can imagine. Working closely with our customers, we deliver ideal results on every job. If your home is no longer meeting your needs, Ergo Construction can help.

Guest Bedroom

Many families in Harrogate love the idea of having a guest bedroom available for friends or relatives, and loft conversions offer the ideal space. Because the loft is somewhat separate from the main house, it provides enough privacy for guests while still being connected to the main heating, water and electrical systems.

Depending on the size of your loft, we can even install a small bathroom to give your guests maximum comfort.

An Extra Shower/Bathroom

Loft conversions are popularly used as an additional shower room or bathroom. This is especially beneficial for homes in Harrogate with teenagers or regular guests.

We can easily plumb loft installations into the main system by extending pipework. If using your loft solely as a bathroom, there will likely be space for both a bath and a shower, so there’s no need to compromise.

It’s worth noting that in a lot of Harrogate homes, the water tank is in the loft. This may need moving and it’s important to think about this before designing loft conversions.

Home Office

It’s becoming increasingly popular to work from home, whether full time or a few days a week. If you regularly work from home, it’s essential for your productivity that you have a dedicated work space.

While many homeowners in Harrogate don’t have the extra space to spare for an office, loft conversions are the perfect solution. Tailoring the space to you, we make sure you have an office that meets your needs.

Fitted furniture is ideal for maximising space while providing plenty of room for storage and organisation.


If you have children or a growing family, chances are you know how quickly toys and games can accumulate, making your living areas messy, cluttered and child orientated. A loft conversion can create a dedicated space for storing and playing with toys, allowing you to free up the rest of your home and return your living room to an adult space.

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