Loft Conversions in Harrogate | A Beginner’s Guide

Popular in the US since the 1960s, loft conversions have since taken off in key areas of the UK, such as Harrogate. This is largely due to the amount of living space earned and very few, if any, notable downsides. After all, with space always at a premium, it makes sense that a homeowner might wish to make the most of the space they already own. Not only does this give them the ideal area they always dreamed of but also delivers a host of benefits that make conversions worth your time – even if you already have the rooms you need.

Ergo Construction performs all work relating to loft conversions in and around Harrogate. Our team is highly experienced and very capable, and assists with all aspects from design, planning permission and drawings to the fitting of new joists, windows and electrical work.

What Is a Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion is the act of turning your dark and infrequently used space into a new room complete with the modern luxuries you might expect. This process typically involves checking the feasibility of the project, applying for planning permission and enforcing the space with structural steel. Serving Harrogate and the nearby areas, our team performs the three main types of loft conversions, which are dormer, mansard and hip-to-gable. While mansard and hip-to-gable conversions feature the most structural work, dormers prove the most popular.

In all cases, your new space will need to comply with building control, fire safety and party wall agreements. To learn more about the various types of conversion, please visit our loft conversions page.

How Can I Benefit?

Converting an attic or loft will give you additional space to enjoy every day of the year, no matter the temperature outside. This can mean a new office, bedroom, play area, en-suite or bespoke environment. If you’re concerned about where to put the items you have in storage, a conversion may be able to provide a combined storage and living area – all in one if possible. In addition, studies show that conversions can improve the resale value of your Harrogate home by up to 20 per cent. This makes converting an old part of the home a solid investment.

If you’ve already extended or renovated your home but still wish to do more, loft conversions make perfect sense. They can give you the benefits of a brand-new floor without forcing you to relocate from your precious home.

What Can Ergo Construction Offer?

Our team provides a full conversion service to customers in and around Harrogate. This involves a consultation, full risk assessment, planning assistance and installation. Highly experienced, we understand the need for safe electrics and heating, and will send only qualified tradesmen to carry out the work required.

We can offer all types of conversion, including mansard and dormer, but can also perform rooflight installation if you prefer to avoid large-scale structural changes.

Please call our experienced building team on 07938 621063 for loft conversions in the Harrogate area. Our team will be thrilled to transform your disused loft or attic.