Loft Conversions in Harrogate and the Nearby Areas

If you need more space in your home but don’t want to move, loft conversions are an excellent way to increase living space. They are relatively quick and cost-effective projects, providing functional, comfortable areas which can fill a wide range of uses. Whether you require an extra bedroom, bathroom or home office, conversions are a great way to update your home to meet your needs. Because conversions utilise existing space, customers in Harrogate get the extra room they need without having to worry about the additional requirements of house extensions.

Loft conversions provide customers in North Yorkshire with a number of benefits, ensuring they get the most from their home. As a professional company, Ergo Construction finds the most suitable solutions for every project. When undergoing conversion work, our customers enjoy the following advantages:

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Variety of Styles

With a number of style options available, there is an ideal solution for every home. The most appropriate option will depend on your existing attic space, and our skilled team will advise on appropriate styles after inspecting your loft. Some of the most common conversions we provide in Harrogate and the surrounding areas are:

Dormer – With a slight extension which projects vertically from the roof, dormer conversions provide extra headroom as well as floor space.

Hip to Gable – By straightening the sloped end of roofs, we create useable internal space which can meet all kinds of requirements.

Roof Light – This style maintains the existing loft shape and layout. Installing windows into the roof and strengthening the floor creates an effective space. Roof light conversions require your existing loft to be big enough to live comfortably in the room without structural alterations.

For more information about the different types of conversion available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Energy Efficiency

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Loft conversions provide a variety of home efficiency benefits, as well as being relatively cheap to run. Attic conversions generally include large windows which offer plenty of natural light. This means there is less need for artificial lighting during the day, saving on energy bills.

During conversions, we make sure the space is properly insulated, minimising the amount of heat loss from the roof. This keeps the loft cosy during winter and helps keep household bills down. This insulation also means customers will not need to spend much more to heat the new room, because it will retain the heat that has risen from the rest of the house.

Due to the added efficiency and modern space they provide, loft conversions are a popular feature of house renovations.

Permitted Development

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Often, loft conversions fall under permitted development, meaning you do not need planning permission. This saves both time and money, allowing customers in Harrogate to achieve their ideal spaces relatively quickly.

However, some projects, such as hip to gable conversions, will require approval before work begins because they drastically alter the appearance of properties. With years of experience in the industry, we advise on necessary applications and regulations, ensuring all projects meet the highest standards.

For loft conversions which provide comfortable and practical living space in Harrogate and the nearby areas, call 07938 621063.