Painter and Decorator in Harrogate | How to Enhance Your Home with Colour

There are many ways Ergo Construction improves your home. Offering extensive services, we ensure every customer in Harrogate enjoys the full potential of their property. As skilled painter and decorators, this includes incorporating the perfect colour scheme into every area of your home. Whether undertaking renovations or decorating new extensions and conversions, we meet your taste and style.

Colour has a powerful effect on a space, so it’s important to get it right. The wrong colour scheme can make a room feel smaller, colder and less comfortable to be in. Our team works with you to create stylish and effective spaces that give you the most from your home.

There are many ways a painter and decorator uses colour to enhance a room. To discuss your ideas with the experts, please contact us today.

Smaller Spaces

A common mistake among homeowners in Harrogate is using bright or dark colours in smaller rooms or properties. This can make the space feel smaller and more cramped than it actually is.

We recommend using light, neutral colours to create a sense of space. By using two tones of the same colour, we avoid a blank or one-dimensional look. We can also use the same colours in multiple rooms and hallways to help the space flow.

Work Around Furniture

If you already have key items of furniture for specific rooms, a skilled painter and decorator will work around these to create a harmonious colour scheme. At Ergo Construction, we have years of experience matching colours and shades and know exactly how to link decoration and furniture.

As skilled painter and decorators, we suggest that homeowners in Harrogate find soft furnishings and accessories that match the overall theme of a room or property. This helps bring every element of your home together for a cohesive and stylish finish.

How Will You Use the Space?

When it comes to choosing colours, it’s vital to think about how you will use each space. Soft, calm colours, such as blues, greens and greys, are best for bedrooms because they help you wind down.

For living and dining rooms, rich, warm colours, like crimson or teal, work well because they help make the room feel cosy. To avoid making the room seem smaller, you can use these colours on just one or two walls.

When undertaking projects in Harrogate, every customer has the chance to discuss their ideas with an experienced painter and decorator. We offer expert advice and supply high-quality products which are suitable for each room.

To talk to the painter and decorators at Ergo Construction about colour schemes for your home in Harrogate, call us on 07938 621063.