Painter and Decorator in Harrogate | Signs Your Home Needs a Professional Decorator

Eventually, even the most stylish homes will need redecorating. Olive green living rooms with bright woodwork may have been all the rage at one time, but things change – leaving you with a property that could use an all-new look. As a reliable painter and decorator, Ergo Construction can manage this process for you. Our team works closely with homeowners across Harrogate and beyond, giving domestic properties the care they need for a new style and improved kerb appeal.

In this blog, we cover just some of the reasons to contact a reliable painter and decorator. If you would like to learn more or speak with a decorator in person, please don’t hesitate to contact Ergo Construction.

Peeling Wallpaper – A home must cater to the stresses and strains of everyday life, but this can take a toll on the state of your wallpaper. As painter and decorators working in the Harrogate area, we can strip any old wallpaper or paintwork and hang fresh paper in a modern style. In many cases, this can make for an elegant feature wall or complement a rustic fireplace.

Cracked Paintwork – Any chipped, cracked or broken paintwork can leave your home looking old and in poor shape. This applies to internal and exterior surfaces – impacting the overall style of your property. In such cases, you should rely on a painter and decorator to deliver the right paints for lasting workmanship. Ergo Construction has a detailed knowledge of modern paints and primers and will be happy to give your home the protective care it needs.

An Outdated Style – Are you still living in the last century, with flowery wallpaper and burnt orange walls? Instead of settling for a look from the 1970s, consider the on-trend styles widely available today. It’s not just about sleek whites and glossy, modern homes. Rustic and understated designs prove just as popular in the Harrogate area, so there are numerous options for you to consider.

Old Skirtings – Despite being a small touch, skirtings and architraves go a long way to make a property look finished. Don’t put up with broken pieces of wood and old, unsightly installations. Call a painter and decorator such as Ergo Construction to ensure your Harrogate home receives the finishing touches at a cost-effective rate.

It’s Dangerous to DIY – Your safety comes first, every time. There’s no point giving your property a new lick of paint if it comes at the cost of your personal health. A painter and decorator in the Harrogate area will be trained in safe working practices and comply fully with the Work at Height Act 2005. At Ergo Construction, we are also fully insured, which means a safe, reliable and fully covered service along with a stunning finish.

Please visit our painting and decorating page to learn more about the services we provide.

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